The Sweet Spot

The Problem

Being a consulting firm, E-gineering is continually partnering with other companies to design and develop applications. With many different opportunities coming their way, it can be difficult to know which job to take. By finding our employees, clients, and company’s sweet spot, picking a project will become easier.

My Role

I was approached about this project to design an application based off some requirements that would showcase sweet spots. I was tasked with coming up with the design, function, and branding for this project.

Who I’m Working With

I began the process working with the product owner and business analyst. I will then work alongside E-gineering’s owners to make sure branding and design are on track with their vision. After that, I will begin user testing on employees, clients, and owners to continue refining my design.


I used Adobe Illustrator to create the icon. I am using Adobe XD to create all mockups. I am using the prototype feature to make my mockups interactive. This will be how I perform user testing down the road.

Discovery Phase

Quick drawings during the first meeting.

I had a discovery meeting with the Product Owner. The idea had been previously discussed, and this first meeting was an overview – dreaming up plans and ideas for this application. I researched range sliders and looked at different websites and applications that utilize them. I quickly sketched up some screens while we were talking. I used these sketches and other notes to create future prototypes.


I took the rough drawings and began creating a mockup in Adobe XD. Before this draft, I toyed with the idea of placing the input boxes underneath the range sliders. After researching other sites that utilize range sliders, I realized it was too congested, and ultimately, this application is about gaining the knowledge provided by the range sliders. They are the focal point. The main goal from this early prototype was to place a rough mockup in front of the product owner and receive feedback on my progress.

I created both a desktop and mobile version. The mobile version sticks to the same flow/idea of the desktop but with collapsible design changes due to a responsive layout.

There were two main themes I could have run with for the application. Being named “The Sweet Spot,” I could have pursued the sweets route, but instead I went the baseball route. I found a baseball font and created a logo. I then incorporated that font in other areas of the application to streamline the theme.

Had our first meeting with the stakeholders, and received some feedback. As we dove deeper into the layout, I realized I had misunderstood the “Client Preferences” section. After asking some leading questions, I gained a deeper understanding and was able to revise that section. Rather than being named “Client Preferences,” the title will be whatever project the user is currently working on.

Client Preference Title

It became apparent that the section header script turned sideways was very difficult to read. I switched up the location of the header to help with that.

Company Name as Title

Another observation? The colors had no real purpose, they were more just an artistic flair which was unnecessary and frankly, kind of distracting.

Only 2 Colors

Now, one of the trickiest parts of this application is the Business Engagement portion. This section will be used internally by the biz dev team and the team leads. The different categories are measured in different ways. Figuring out how to display them in the most intuitive way has taken multiple steps. The following pictures are from an afternoon of refactoring. I started out with one idea and continued until I had the easiest measurements for each individual measuring stick.

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Final Round

From here, I will continue to meet with the product owner and business analyst. My next steps are to add real data from the user requirements and begin to create the interactive prototype. Then I will test my users and review the results with the product owner.